JUNE 5, 2007 ?nbsp;To help technicians and the supervisors better understand today′s complex braking systems, the QDX team has several training classes available. These courses cover disc brake pads diagnosis, traction control systems, export brakes. Courses include:
1. Disc Brake Pads Diagnosis: This class is intended to help technicians promptly diagnose problems on today′s braking systems. Some items that will be reviewed including cause/effect of restrictions in functions, booster operation and diagnosis, and more.
2. Traction Control: Focusing on the most popular ABS traction control system utilized by GM from model year 1991-2000, the course will cover ABS/traction control processor functions and operations, proper bleeding techniques, problem-solving scenarios, how to help reduce diagnostic time.
3. Top 10 Ways to Reduce Comebacks: A powerful 90-minute segment on how to properly perform brake repair, this class is perfect for the entry-level technician or the master tech that needs a refresher course. The trainer will review the top ten errors repair shops currently make during brake repair and the corrective actions needed to help minimize comebacks.
For more information, please contact the Technology Department.